Application & software development

  • Based on the extensive application development experience, it is the design and development of various systems on which it was familiar with WEB technology and data processing technology. Until the small OA system from large-scale mission-critical systems, including business improvement, system to your proposals and building covers a wider field. Also, it is possible to construct actually Otsukuri screen and framework serving operations utilizing the “skeleton System” in advance, this approach that can go developing while received a final finish image of the true we have received high praise from our customers as a system development to meet the needs of users are able to achieve

  • Based on the extensive experience of mission-critical systems development we will secure and robust site construction. The collaboration with content producers like and SEO consulting firm like EC site I am aggressively. In addition, as the corporate site of the CMS (content management system), WordPress, SitecoreCMS, in the E-commerce site ASPDotnetstorefront, Magento, we have mainly adopted the Shopify

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